Who We Are

An academic center focused on the gift of learning.

CTY Greece at Anatolia College is the culmination of the strategic partnership of three organizations with a long tradition in education and social contribution. Anatolia College, Johns Hopkins University in the US and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, all came together to establish a center that is unique to Greece and Southeastern Europe in general.

Since being founded in 1886 in Merzifon of Asia Minor, Anatolia College has been synonymous with quality education. Its long history and tumultuous past, ridden with uprooting and war, served as a forging tool for its spirit of giving back to the community.

As a private, non-for-profit educational institution based in Thessaloniki since 1923, Anatolia College is imbued with the highest ideals of Greek and American education. Today, it encompasses learning opportunities from Kindergarten to graduate levels. Known for excellence, innovative educational activities, high quality teaching, a liberal spirit and social contribution, Anatolia College has established itself as a nationally and internationally recognized educational center.

What We Do

Helping talented students unlock their full potential.

CTY Greece uses a twofold approach. First, we identify academic student talent through special testing. Then, we develop talent through time-tested courses that are tailored, challenging, enriching, and transformational. It all began with the pioneering work of Johns Hopkins’ psychologist Julian Stanley with gifted middle school prodigies. His work put the spotlight on exceptionally bright young people and their capacity and enthusiasm for academic challenges matched to their advanced abilities.

During its 2014 intensive 3-week residential program, 72% of the students attended on scholarship, thanks to the generous support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. 90 bright minds scouted from across Greece stayed at the Anatolia College dormitory, spending their days testing and applying their knowledge and expanding their horizons.

Students Attended
On Scholarship

Anatolia College is an integrated academic community committed to developing students’ talents through innovative educational approaches and open inquiry within a culture of academic excellence. We instill a heightened sense of social responsibility, in an environment that nurtures the ethical, creative and physical development of young people.

20% of its student body is currently under scholarship, which covers up to 100% of tuition. Through its years of contribution, more than 1000 scholarships have been awarded based on economic need and merit.

As a non-profit organization, Anatolia College has always relied on donations in order to maintain its programs and facilities and, most importantly, to support students through scholarships.

Scholarships Have
Been Awarded

Why We Ask

We are doing this #ForTheBright.

We want to invest in the future of Greece, by investing in education. We are passionate for our country and care to see it progress.

We can do this: By educating eager young learners with bright minds that can be found in every distant corner of the country. Those students will become our beacon and their accomplishments will reward us all.

Help us help them thrive.

A liberating experience

Those are the words used by a CTY student about the CTY experience. It underscores the principle of CTY: that academically talented young people thrive when engaged in challenging courses, shepherded by talented teachers, and encouraged by a community of top-performing fellow students.

Our children have always been our brightest future. By investing in them together, we can develop their academic talents towards future achievement.

How To Give

You can help us do this #ForTheBright, by supporting our campaign. Every dollar in support for CTY Greece means more scholarships for brilliant minds to join the program, hone their skills and expand their horizons.

6 + 12

Our goal of $25,000 equals six (6) full and twelve (12) partial scholarships for next year. Each scholarship includes tuition and boarding.

$0 Toward $28,500

The students of Greece need your help
to make their future dreams a reality.